Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 Topps Stickers

I started collecting baseball cards in 1985. There were Topps and Panani stickers available then but I don't remember seeing them for sale. I've acquired a few of them in repacks but I'm not a big fan of the concept. Perhaps if I was 10 I'd like them better.  But, I gotta have some. I picked up 10 packs at Target the other day. At only a dollar a pack it was hard to resist.

I don't know that I really like the foil cards. I had bought this Schmidt card previously on eBay. It looks like the foil cards are all past stars. I pulled Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth from the packs.
The design is simple, which is good on a smaller format.  It has an '80s retro feel to me. The photography is good but there are no photos that really jump out at me. All though, here's one of a guy with glowing orange eyes.
Of the 80 stickers I got, only 2 were pitchers. Curious. Has anyone seen this?
Here's Ryan Braun of the Brewers for no other reason than that I'm rooting for the Brewers in the NLCS.
The team logo stickers, also done on foil, are pretty nice. There was a foil sticker in every pack, 6 were the logo stickers.
I don't have all of the 80 stickers in my database yet but I did find a couple of Topps Stickers/Gypsy Queen Photoshop Twins.


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cynicalbuddha said...

Is it me or do the stickers have a Fleer aspect to the design? Hmm, maybe it's just me.