Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2011 Cards by Position - AL

My favorite cards featuring fielding. American League players this time.

Like I commented on the NL post, no cards featuring pitchers fielding in this year's cards.

2011 Topps #474 Jeff Mathis
This looks interesting. It looks like a force play at the plate and Mathis is hoping to get the batter at first for a double play.

First Base
2011 Bowman Gold #87 Adrian Gonzalez
If you look closely you can see the ball just about a foot above his glove.

Second Base
2011 Topps #526 Jason Donald
I don't remember seeing many rundown plays featured on a baseball card.

2011 Topps All-Star Set #AL17 Elvis Andrus
How do these guys avoid groin pulls on plays like this? Good conditioning, I suppose.

Third Base
2011 Topps #215 Edwin Encarnacion
Looks like a desperate, off-balance throw to somewhere.

2011 Topps #101 Gregor Blanco
And that's why they have padding on the outfield walls.

2011 Topps #658 Mitch Maier
Mitch gets way up there. Too bad we can't tell if he actually caught the ball.

2011 Topps Throwback #252 Michael Saunders
Saunders took a homer away from somebody, assuming he held on to the ball.

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