Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 Topps Update Series

This may be Part 1 of 2. I bought a blaster and a rack pack at Target but I've got a hobby box coming from eBay. It there is anything interesting in it I'll pull together another post.

What's to say about this set? You already know the design. But, since I'm writing this blog, I get to make some comments on it. Except for parallels, there don't seem to be any inserts new to the series. The inserts are just continuations of the inserts from Series 1 and 2, like Kimball Champions and Topps 60. There is also another series of Topps Town (groan).
Harry Blanco is still in baseball? Topps has taken this opportunity to include some players I haven't seen cards of in awhile.  Nice picture.
There are lots of rookie cards. These are players who made their debut in 2011 but didn't make it into Topps Series 2.
Then there are cards which celebrate a rookie's debut.

There are All-Star cards.

And All-Star Home Run Derby cards.  Do you get the feeling that Topps had to really pad this set to get to 330 cards?
This is also the red-bordered parallel set available in Target blasters. There were 2 packs of these in the box. I rather like them. There is a special parallel in Wal Mart blasters as well but I don't think I want that many more cards from the set to buy another blaster.

Of the 62 regular issue cards, there were only 4 cards I actually wanted to add to my collection: 2 Phillies (including the Roy Halladay All-Star), 1 Astro, and one player I collect (Scott Rolen). I'll keep all the rookies. The rest will be available in the 2012 Summer Clearance Trade.

And there is one more new parallel. the Cognac Diamond Anniversary.
There are not just Update Series parallels but parallels of Series 1 and 2 also. These don't look like too hard a pull, I got 5 of them, but only 3 of the original Diamond Anniversary parallels.

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