Friday, June 11, 2010

Insert Madness - Part 2

More of the insert cards I acquired from the card shop last week. I was searching mainly the Rangers, White Sox and Dodgers.

1995 Zenith All-Star Salute #17 Frank ThomasI mentioned in the last post that I have a pretty good memory for the insert cards I have and that of the 15 cards I bought, I only already had one of them. This is that one. I already had 4 cards from this set. The 18-card set was inserted at 1:6. Although I like Frank I really don't need this card. Steve G., if you're interested let me know and it's yours.

1998 Donruss Elite Aspirations #2 Frank Thomas
This set is parallel to Donruss Elite. The card features a foil background (that doesn't look too good in the scan) and die-cut sides and front. The cards were limited to 750 sets but they are not serial numbered.

2000 Fleer Tradition Hall's Well #6 Frank Thomas
These cards have rounded corners and are foil printed on clear acetate. The card didn't scan well and isn't really very attractive. Someday I may do an entire post on clear plastic cards. In addition to being unattractive, this set has a difficult name. Hall's Well? The 15-card set was inserted at a rate of 1:30.

2000 SP Authentic Midsummer Classics #10 Frank Thomas
What can I say? I like Frank Thomas and there were a lot of his cards in the box. This was a 10-card set, inserted at a rate of 1:12. The card features gold foil printing and a low-gloss refractive finish. The back features a sepia-toned photo of the player along with notes on the player's All-Star Game appearances.

2000 Ultra Swing Kings #3 Frank Thomas
Another clear plastic card. This was a 10-card set inserted in Ultra at a rate of 1:24. On the back it says, "What can a pitcher do with you, Frank? If it's an inch outside, you're disciplined enough not to swing. And we've all seen how you treat pitches in the strike zone. Ouch!"

2001 Donruss Stat Line Season #106 Eric Karros
These were a parallel to the regular Donruss cards but with a heavy refractive gloss, similar to a Topps Chrome Refractor card. On the back, some stat by the player from the previous year is featured and the card is serial numbered to that stat. Karros had 146 hits in 1999, so this card is serial numbered to 146.

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