Monday, June 28, 2010

Baseball Hall of Fame visit

My wife and I and another couple (who now live in the Atlanta area) went to Niagara Falls to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversaries. We took a detour through Philadelphia to visit another couple who are also celebrating their 30th. Then we drove to Niagara Falls, taking a slight detour through Cooperstown NY to visit the HOF. Here are some highlights of the visit.My friend Brian (left) and I in front of the Hall of Fame. Our wives were very indulgent.
My wife and I sitting on seats from the old Connie Mack stadium from Philadelphia. There were only two sets of stadium seats in the Hall, these and some seats from Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium.
There was a nice display about women in baseball.
The 1950 Phillies display, Robin Roberts, Jim Konstanty and Richie Ashburn.
There were a lot of team displays like this one for the Orioles.
Tom Seaver jersey.
Dodgers display.
The bat and ball involved in Willie May's 3,000 hit.
Mike Schmidt jersey.
The 1980 Phillies World Series display. The Phillies were well represented at the Hall. Behind us, in addition to the Schmidt jersey are Pete Rose and Steve Carlton jerseys. Also in the case are other artifacts from the 1980 season, including Steve Carlton's 1980 Cy Young Award. Carlton has 4 of them so I guess he can spare one for the Hall.
The Astros were not well represented. There was a room with mock-up lockers. The Astros locker has Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell jerseys. This is pretty much the bulk of the Astros material.
The Card. The actual Gretzey version of this Honus Wagner card. I don't think I knew it was being displayed here. In this area there were a number of old cards. There was another section with a large display of cards from each decade from the 1950s to present.
Nolan Ryan caps commemorating his 7 no hitters.
Me with the Mike Schmidt plaque. It was fun walking through this area and seeing over a century of baseball history.
We stayed for about 3 hours. It was not really long enough but we had a 5 hour drive to the Falls and it was getting late.


deal said...

nice shots. I have to get back up there one of these yrs.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the old Astros logo t- shirt? I love that old logo.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the old Astros logo t-shirt? I love that logo.

capewood said...

I'm pretty sure I got the shirt at Wal-Mart.

Stan Denski said...

Was ANYBODY ever better than Willie Mays?