Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blue Jays - Cardinals game Friday 6/25/10

On our vacation last week to Niagara Falls, we took a drive to Toronto on Thursday. We had purchased tickets to see the Blue Jays play the Phillies on Friday night, but because of the G20 Summit, the series was moved to Philadelphia. We got our money back plus vouchers to another Blue Jays home game. So we saw the Jays beat the Cards 5-0 on Thursday night. Our (free) seats were just 15 rows behind the visitor dugout.It was a beautiful night for a ball game and the roof of Rogers Stadium (formerly the Skydome) was open.
There were a lot of empty seats. Attendance was just over 12,000. The fans made up for their lack of numbers by being about the loudest fans I've ever heard.
Outside the stadium, the police made their preparations for the G20 Summit. We heard on CNN that there were 20,000 cops from around Canada in town. We saw one troop of police from Edmonton! The whole CN Tower, Rogers Stadium and Convention Center was surrounded by 10 foot high steel mesh fences.
But let's get back to the game. With 2 outs in the first, Jose Bautista got a single. Adam Lind followed that with a home run. Vernon Wells followed that with another home run so it was 3-0 after the first. Adam Wainwright, pitching for the Cards did not have a good game.
We saw a few people in Phillies jerseys and tee shirts including this guy. It makes me wonder how many other people were there for free on vouchers from the weekend. There were a lot of Cardinal fans there. We saw a guy in a Tommy Herr Cardinals tee shirt. Herr last played for the Cardinals in 1987!
In the third, Vernon Wells hit his second home run and this is the actual swing. I got lucky.
Here's Albert Pujols popping up foul.
And here's Jarrett Hoffpauir catching Pujol's pop-up. Albert finished the night 0-4 and looked pretty frustrated in the 9th.
My friend Brian got a foul ball off the bat of the Jay's Alex Gonzalez.

The guy in the red shirt in front of the blond was causing some sort of disturbance. He's wearing a Pujol's tee shirt. At first stadium security tried to deal with him but eventually they brought in uniformed police who dragged him away in handcuffs.
While that was going on, the home plate umpire caught a foul tip off his upper body. He was down for several minutes but here he's up and he stayed in the game.
Here's the CN Tower, which is right next to the ball park at night. It cycles through a rainbow of colors.

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