Thursday, June 10, 2010

Insert Madness - Part 1

Last week on the way home from work I stopped in at the card shop to buy some Topps Series 2 and some Bowman. No luck on the Bowman but I did score some Topps. I always look through his random insert box while I'm there. I have a pretty good memory for what inserts I already own and of the 15 cards I bought, I only already had one of them. The shop arranges the cards by team and I mainly searched the Rangers, Dodgers and White Sox.

1995 Ultra Hitting Machines #10This 10-card set was inserted in 1995 Ultra Series 2 at a rate of 1:288. The owner usually prices his inserts at near Beckett value and then sells them for half price. He missed on this one. This card books at $15, and he had it marked at $0.75. It's a nice looking card with gold foil printing.

1997 Leaf Dressed for Success #13 Juan Gonzalez
This set is serial numbered to 3500. It is textured on the front to feel like cloth. It features a large, full bleed photo on the back. There were 18 cards in the set.

1997 Pacific Card-Supials #19 Juan Gonzalez
Pacific had a lot of strange ideas in the late 1990's but I think this is one of the strangest. The card itself, in addition to the full bleed printing, has an impressive amount of gold foil. On the back (and this is the strange part), is a pouch into which a mini card of an entirely different player is inserted.
There are 39 full sized and 39 mini cards. The checklists for the large and mini cards are the same. Apparently the mini cards for each player feature the same photo as the player's large card. There was also a Card-Supial insert in the Pacific set issued in 2000.

1997 Pacific Fireworks Die-Cuts
This colorful 20-card set was inserted in Pacific at 1:7 packs. It features a textured colored foil background. The top and upper edges are die cut. The horizontal back features another full bleed photo plus some player information.

1997 Ultra Double Trouble #10 Juan Gonzalez/Will Clard
A 20-card set inserted in Ultra Series 1 at 1:4.

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gcrl said...

nice stuff. i'd love to get my mitts on the dodgers inserts - any chance you are heading back to the card shop anytime soon? i could bankroll and send you some phils/stros as well...