Friday, June 4, 2010

2003 Stadium Club Born in the USA

The last time I wrote about this set was May 2008. At that time I needed 7 cards to complete the set. I've been using eBay to do automatic searches for me. Finally, the last 3 cards I needed came up on auction. Not only that, the same seller had all three so I saved $4 0n shipping. I paid $4.15 (including shipping) for each. I've often said on the blog that I'm not generally a set collector but after I complete a set like this I can understand why many people are. It is not the first insert set I've completed but it is by far the largest insert set I've gone after. And it's the first relic set I've completed.

I was originally attracted to this set because of what I thought was the concept. There are 50 cards in the set so I thought there would be one player from each state. Wrong. But it was fun going after them all. In the end, 22 states were represented, with California far and away leading the pack. In case you're interested, here is the state breakdown:

CA (Klesko, Bret Boone, Edmonds, Jeromy Burnitz, Eric Chavez, Randy Johnson, Ventura, Travis Lee, Matt Williams, Fullmer, Garciaparra)
FL (Sheffield, Chipper Jones, Luis Gonzalez, Tino Martinez)
GA (Frank Thomas, Corey Patterson, Sean Burroughs, JD Drew)
IL (Thome, Floyd, Shawn Green, Rickey Henderson)
NY (Biggio, Aurilia, Alex Rodriguez
TX (Greg Maddux, Wood, Dunn)
AR (Burrell, AJ Burnett)
WA (Olerud, Toby Hall)
NC (Grace, Josh Hamilton)
PA (Eric Milton, Piazza)
KS (Damon, Tony Clark)
AL (Terrence Long, Willie Mays)
MA (Bagwell)
SC (Preston Wilson)
OH (Larkin)
CT (Mo Vaughn)
MI (Smoltz)
TN (Helton)
RI (Konerko)
IN (Rolen)
OR (Sexson)


Dave said...

Nice looking cards. I liked your idea better than what they actually did.

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