Friday, March 12, 2010

Wheaties Fuel featuring Albert Pujols

I've been eating Wheaties since I was a kid and as near as I can tell there have been no significant changes in the product. Sometime last year the Wheaties boxes began talking about something new coming, an evolution. I thought, great, they are going to 'improve' Wheaties, which would probably mean, I wouldn't like them anymore.

In fact, they were talking about a new product, Wheaties Fuel. I saw a box on the shelf the other week and bought one. The box features a really mean looking Albert Pujols on the front.In the lead up to this product release, the Wheaties boxes had been featuring a silhouette of a bunch of people, presumably, champions every one. After all, Wheaties is the Breakfast of Champions.
The crew is now revealed to be triathlon athelete Hunter Kemper, basketball player Kevin Garnett, footballer Peyton Manning, Pujols, and decathlon athlete Bryan Clay. And what a mean looking group they are. What, they couldn't find a woman champion for the box?

Wheaties Fuel tastes sort of like plain old Wheaties with a lot of sugar, cinnamon, and Rice Krispies added. I can't say that I cared for it much.

Apparently, lots of people collect cereal boxes. I read an article about it once. They take up a lot more space than a baseball card. In a brief search on Google, I couldn't find a blog about cereal box collecting.

There are some people on eBay asking up to $10 for this box full of cereal. Go down to your local Wal Mart and get it for about $3.

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