Monday, March 15, 2010

Quest for 1998 - Part 5 Bowman Chrome

My quest: to acquire 200 different 1998 cards. This finishes what I'm going to try for from the 1998 Bowman Chrome set. With these I have 12 base cards, 7 base refractors, 1 International, 1 International Refractor, 1 Chrome Reprint and 1 Chrome Reprint Refractor. What I'm missing are the Chrome Golden Anniversary (numbered to 50) and the Chrome Golden Anniversary Refractors (numbered to 5). I haven't seen any auctions on these that I'm willing to pay for.

1998 Bowman Chrome International #259 Travis Fryman

I like the Chrome version of this card a lot better than the base version. The base version has a Dufex foil finish what I don't really care for.

1998 Bowman Chrome International Refractor # 107 Ryan Minor
If you know your 1990s Bowman cards you know this is a rookie card because the back is blue (vs red on the non-rookies).

1998 Bowman Chrome Reprints #13 Ken Griffey, Jr.
This, of course, is a jazzed up reprint of 1989 Bowman. 1989 was the year that Topps revived the Bowman brand. Bowman and Topps were fierce competitors in the early 1950s. Topps eventually bought out Bowman and retired the brand. For some reason, Topps decided that the 1989 version should be about a quarter inch longer than regular cards. They only did this the one year. The reprint is normal sized.
1998 Bowman Chrome Reprints Refractors #1 Yogi Berra
This is a reprint of a 1948 Bowman card. The originals were shorter than modern cards but Topps made this normal sized.

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John said...

I like how you said they made the card normal size. 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 in all respects is normal.