Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Book Club - The Next Hundred Million: America in 2050

The Next Hundred Million: American in 2050 by Joel Kotkin is, perhaps, the most optimistic book on America's future that I ever read. He extrapolates a lot of positive trends in the US and negative trends in other countries and predicts an America in 2050, pretty much on top of the world.But it's not just about trends. He spends a lot of time reminding us what's good about the US compared to other countries and how these good things will get us through. A lot of his optimism seems based on the fact that people have been predicting the fall of America for the past 60 years and it hasn't happened yet. I'm afraid that isn't a very persuasive argument by itself but combined with the trends makes a good case.

He thinks that the high amount of immigration over the past years will blossom into a renewed American vigor because of the influx of youth. While other countries either segregate their immigrants or deny immigration all together, the American blending pot will continue to operate. Lots of new businesses will mean lots of opportunities and jobs. The Heartland is starting to show signs of recovery with high tech businesses relocating there. The suburbs will become more diversified, with mixed housing and businesses and an influx of immigrants.

He predicts an America of more diversity than ever as immigrant groups intermarry with other groups and the people already here. We will be come a land of minorities, but all Americans.

I will be 98 years old in 2050 (I hope). If I'm still writing this blog then, I'll revisit this book and see how well he did on his predictions.

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deal said...

will definitely be awaiting that followup in 2050.

Hope the Phils are still winning pennants then too!