Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quest for 1998 - Part 3

If you're following along, my quest is to obtain at least 200 unique types of cards from 1998. Here is a trio of die-cut cards featuring foils and fancy finishes. These are cards 5-6-7 of the 41 cards I need.

Aurora On Deck Laser Cuts # 5 Nomar GarciaparraWell, OK, this isn't really die-cut, it's laser cut. There were a lot of laser cut cards at this time. The equipment must have been a new toy for the card manufacturers. I like how the oval around the junction of the bats looks almost 3D in this scan. The first three rings of the oval have laser cutouts. And lots of gold foil. The seller of this card also had the Frank Thomas card from the set with no extra postage so I bought that as well. This 20-card set was inserted 1:9 packs in Aurora.

Bowman's Best Mirror Image Fusion #19 Greg Maddux/Kerry Wood
A crazy-die cut. At first I thought that all of the cards were cut so they would fit together like a puzzle. That would be cool if you could get all 20 cards of the set. But I've seen images of other cards from the set and they appear to be all cut the same. These were inserted 1:12 packs.
The card features a different player on the back, in this case, Kerry Wood. I've decided this is the back of the card because it's got the card number.

Circa Thunder Quick Strike # 1 Jeff Bagwell
This was a 12-card insert set (1:36 packs) in Circa Thunder. If features another crazy die cut and mulitcolored textured foil on the front. I'm not quite sure what Jeff is doing in this picture since the background has been removed, but my guess is that he's just going into a slide.

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