Sunday, March 28, 2010

Song of the Week - Distant Shores by Chad & Jeremy

I have 9,396 songs on iTunes. This is one of them.

I was listening to the CD The Very Best of Chad & Jeremy and though, something from here would make a goof Song of the Week. This due was active in the mid-1960s and were bart of the original British Invasion. I was going to go on about their sweet harmonies and sad love songs. But while looking for a video on YouTube I found this and any ideas I had went right out of my head.

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Stan Denski said...

I talked with Chad Stewart last year when I interviewed him for the Cleveland Scene. He told me about their Batman appearances - two of them - and how disappointed they were to see the real Batmobile up close and see what a hunk of junk it was. He said the 14 hours after touching down in the US the first time they were in a conference room at a table with Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Maury Amsterdam, Carl Reiner reading through the script for the DVD Show where they played British pop stars. He said those people were wonderfully kind and friendly. Chad lives in Idaho now.