Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thursday Night at the Movies - The Spirit

A special Tuesday night edition of Thursday Night at the Movies. We saw the trailer for this months ago and it looked pretty interesting. I will freely admit that I knew nothing about the Will Eisner comic that the movie is based on. I've read a bit about it on Wikipedia which you can here. The comic ran from the 1940 to 1952, no wonder I don't remember it. There is now a 2008 DC version. The movie is very much in the style of Sin City. Sin City was a Frank Miller comic made into a movie by Frank Miller. Frank Miller also made The Spirit. Style wise similar but a different story. Not as much slow motion blood flying around as Sin City, but I'd advise not taking the kiddies to see this. We thought the movie was pretty good. My wife though it dragged a bit, but I call that story telling. It was a bit corny and certainly overacted in parts. They gave Samuel Jackson (who plays the Spirit's arch enemy "The Octopus") a big can of ham and said go with it. But it is, afterall, based on a comic book, and stays true to that.

The Spirit is a crime fighting superhero who apparently can't be killed. The movie is also an origin story so you'll find out why he can't be killed and why he and the Octopus ("I've got 8 of everything") are enemies.

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dinged corners said...

cliff, we had a chance to meet will eisner a number of years ago in DC and he was such a gentleman, and a great conversationalist to boot. have you ever read his book Comics & Sequential Art? not sure we'll see his like again.

about your impressive reading for the year...we didn't know you liked sci fi. cool.