Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another package from John in England

Last Thursday, I received more cards from John who writes at The Pursuit of 80's(nish). We had packages cross in the mail, he got some stuff from me last Thursday as well. . He's really been busy trading with people. He sent me a bunch of Astros cards. Of the 37 cards he sent I didn't have 28 of them. Not only that but there were 6 cards I didn't have any of to add to my reference binders. Thanks John. More Red Sox for you.

An Astros sticker from 1983 Fleer. I don't think I've ever seen a sticker from this set.

This next card is from the Upper Deck Origins set from 2005. This Pettitte card is an insert so I still don't have any of the base cards. I have a Jeff Bagwell relic version of this insert already.
2004 Upper Deck Play Ball. I had a couple of insert cards from this set but this is the first base card I've had.
2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll. One of the bewildering number of sets issued in the early years of the decade. I had a Mark Prior Dean's List Jersey card but this is the first base card I've ever seen from the set.
And finally, this little gem. A 1992 Cracker Jack Donruss Series 1. These came as the surprise in Cracker Jacks that year. The cards measure 1 and a quarter by 1 and 3 quarters of an inch. The fronts look just like 1992 Donruss. I love this sort of stuff!


jackplumstead said...

I know nothing about the little cracker cards, they cane as a surprise to me too! Were they a subset or did they come in their own packets.

capewood said...

They actually came in boxes of Cracker Jacks.