Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Frosty Friends 1983 - 1985

This is the 1983 Frosty Friends Hallmark ornament. All of these are dated. On this one, the year is on the top surface of the ice block, near the edge. A new friend, Seal, is introduced. As I mentioned before, it is amazing how well balanced these are.
1984 features Eskimo ice fishing and on a block of ice like last year. And another new friend, Penguin. Penguin, Bear, and Husky are the Friends who appear the most in the series. Eskimo always appears. Our first son was born in 1984, so this on is special.
For 1985 Eskimo and Husky appear in a red kayak. This is one of the smallest of the set. Our daughter was born in 1985, so this one is also special.

In the first post I mentioned that we have all the packaging for these. I'm not going to bore you when showing you the packaging but its interesting (to me anyway), how the packaging has changed over the years. The earlier ones came in a box which consisted of a cardboard base, a molded insert to the base and a clear plastic box which fits into the base. Some years, they've come in cardboard boxes with only a picture to guide you. The ornament would be usually wrapped in bubble wrap. Most years however, they are packaged so you can see the ornament through the package, usually in a plastic molded piece into which the ornament fits.

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White Sox Cards said...

Very cute series of ornaments! I have an extensive Garfield ornament collection that was started in the early eighties. My parents and Godmother would each get me one. I think that kept going until the mid nineties.