Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More 1987 Topps from Steve

The very generous Steve at The Easy Life sent me some more 1987 Topps cards. He's all over Capewood's Collections this week. He also contributed last Sunday's Song of the Week on a CD of tunes he sent me. Here's what he sent:

# 336 - Allan Anderson. "Allen pitched 4 No-Hitters, 2 of them consecutive, in senior year at Lancaster (Ohio) High School." He played 6 years for the Twins with a 49-54 record.

#392 - Checklist

#410 - Fernando Valenzuela. "Fernando visited the White House in 1981". That's the best Topps could think to say on this card?

#414 - Joe Orsulak. "Joe wears contact lenses during games but eye-glasses a majority of the time off the field".

#501 - Craig Lefferts. "Craig is co-chairman of San Diego Children's Asthma League. He was a member of two College World Series entries at University of Arizona (Tucson)".

#535 - Tony Armas. "Tony has ten brothers and three sisters". Apparently none of his brothers played ball. His Uncle Marcos did (in the 1930s) and his son Tony plays.

# 604 - Fernando Valenzuela

# 624 - Tim Burke. "Tim experiences much enjoyment from reading". So do I.

# 770 - Dave Winfield. Dave's got 14 years of stats on the back of his card, so there's no room for a little anecdote.

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