Thursday, October 30, 2008

World Series - the next day

One thing about being a Phillies phan in a foreign land (Texas) is that my celebration of the Phillies win is a sort of a solitary affair. But it was fun today in work as people I didn't know would say to me "Go Phillies" and "What a game" when they saw me. My company is actually headquartered in Philadelphia so there were even people around as happy as I was. Here's me at work today.

This was a very enjoyable baseball season. The Phillies were fun to follow even if I didn't get to see them too often. The Astros were fun to follow, at least in the second half. I discovered baseball card blogs and have come in contact with a nice bunch of people who share by borderline obsession with collecting small rectangles of cardboard. I've made baseball card trades with complete strangers and never felt I'd be ripped off.

I've been blogging since February and have a steady, if small, group of readers. Now that the baseball season is over and the baseball card collecting season is just about over (I'm still looking for a couple blaster boxes of Topps Update), I'm going to feature some of my other Collections a bit more frequently (bonsai, photography and my Cliff Walk postcard collection). But I've got a lot of baseball cards I still want to share. I've got a series going with my Mike Schmidt cards and I want to do a series on the 1983 Phillies who went to the World Series and the 1980 Phillies who won the World Series.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my blog and thanks for your joy in my joy for the Phillies.


Slette said...

I figured last night's game would leave you pretty happy. The fact the Series lacked the usual suspects (although I do wish my Yankees were in there), made it fun to watch. I have my childhood Phillies cards set aside at my parents' house and will be sending those off to you, along with a healthy dose of recent Phils, Astros, and my Bagwells and Biggios the next time I head to Iowa.

deal said...

You look very professional!

And Happy Birthday, and what a Birthday Present eh?

Keep writing and stay healthy. I will try and maintain my blog during the off-season as well. I have some ideas. actually some have been incubating for a while and delayed (Happily) by the post-season.

Go Phils!

2008 World Champions

dinged corners said...

Cliff, The Phillies had that in the eyes...for the last game, both parts of it. If half their fans are as nice as you, that's pretty impressive. Congratulations!

steveisjewish said...

As much as I hate the Phillies - I have to congrats and it will only make it sweeter when the Mets do it next year!