Thursday, October 2, 2008

NLDS Game 2, Phillies 5, Brewers 2

Brett Myers vs C. C. Sabathia. Battle of the jersey cards.

After a one-year experiment with Myers as the closer in 2007, the Phillies returned him to a starting role this year. He got off to a rough start and, in fact, the Phillies sent him down to the minors in early July to work on his stuff. After coming back, Myers had a 7-2 record (his over all record was 10-13), including a complete game win against the Brewers in that 4-game sweep of the Brewers the Phillies pulled off in mid-September.

The Brewers acquired Sabathia from the Indians for a bunch of prospects. He was 11-2 for the Brewers, one of the biggest reasons perhaps for the Brewers being in the playoffs.

Myers got off to a shaky start, loading the bases in the first but, with the help of a double play, allowed only 1 run. He pitched 7 innings, only giving up 2 hits and 2 runs.

Sabathia had a good first inning but came a bit unglued in the 2nd. After getting Burrell out, he give up back to back doubles to Werth and Feliz, which plated the tying run. He then got light-hitting catcher Ruiz to ground out. Up came Brett Myers for the most pivotal at bat of the game. Sabathia got two quick strikes on Myers, but then Myers starting fouling off pitches and taking pitches outside the strike zone. The fans started getting into it, actually giving Myers a standing ovation for a fly ball foul. Then, after 9 pitches, Sabathia walked him. Jimmy Rollins was up next and was walked on 4 pitches, loading the bases. Up next, Shane Victorino, who already had a double, hits a ball into the left field bleachers to make the sore 5-1.

Sabathia's line: 3.2 innings, 6 hits, 5 ER, 3 walks, 5 Ks.

The Phillies had 9 hits and the Brewers walked 7, but they left 10 men on base, most of them after the 2nd.

A big win for the Phillies who go to Milwaukee for the next game on Saturday.

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deal said...

yep Myers at bat was absolutely key. and the fact that he was so close to becoming unglued on the mound in the first but was able to get himself back together.

In Myers second at bat he worked like 10 pitches before flying out.

Now if the Phils can just get some tack on runs in some of these games.