Saturday, October 11, 2008

NLCS - Phillies lead 2-0

This is just going to be a very short post. I've been Comcasted (meaning my Comcast internet connection was down for about 24 hours this weekend).

So , Go Phillies!

2 great games.

Update Sunday Morning: The title now reads correctly, Phillies lead 2-0.


--David said...

I know exactly how you feel. In my neck of the woods it would be "Centurytelled" or maybe "Centurytold."

deal said...

We are FiOS Folks, but as a recent member of Comcast Country, I understand the futility.

And Go Phils!!!.

night owl said...

Phillies lead 2-1? Do you know something about Sunday night's game that I don't already? As a Dodger fan, I hope you do, because if Dodgers win Sunday night, the Phillies then will be leading 2-1 because L.A. will have won their first of the series.

capewood said...

I wrote that so fast I forgot to proof read it before I hit the post button.

deal said...

Is your Internet still on the blink - this isn't still hurricane related right?

capewood said...

It was down off and on all weekend. I don't know why. It's working at the moment. There were Comcast guys in a bucket truck outside the subdivision this afternoon. Hopefully they found the problem and fixed it for good. I'll have a post up tomorrow about the 7-5 Phillies win tonight.