Tuesday, April 4, 2017

1990s - Last Men Standing

According to the Astros TV broadcast team, there are only 3 current players in the majors who started their career in the 1990s. I checked as far as seeing that each actually is on a major league roster but if there are more, I don't know.

Bartolo Colon 1997 Fleer #561

Colon made his debut on April 4, 1997 against the Angels. He pitched 5 innings in a Cleveland loss but he wasn't involved in the decision. After a 19-year career (he didn't play in 2010), Colon currently has a 233-162 career win-loss record and is signed with the Braves for $12.5M. He is the active career leader in wins, innings pitched, games started, home runs given up, hits, loses, earned runs, batters faced, and errors committed. 

Carlos Beltran 1999 Topps Gallery #136

1999 Upper Deck #287

Beltran made his debut with the Royals against the A's on 9/14/99. He had 1 AB, got a hit and a walk and scored 2 runs. In Beltran's 19-year career, he's hit 429 home runs, has a career .281 average, and is a 9-time All-Star. He's appeared in 55 post-season games with an average of .323 and 16 home runs. He's currently signed with the Astros for $16M.

Adrian Beltre 1999 Stadium Club #162

Beltre made is debut on 6/24/98 with the Dodgers agains the Angels. He went 2 for 5 with an RBI. He has similar career totals as Beltran. He's hit 445 home runs with a career BA of .286 and he's a 4-time All-Star. He's in the next to last year of an 8-year, $132M contract with the Rangers. He doesn't seem to be slowing down much, hitting .300 with 32 home runs last year.

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Tony Burbs said...

Honestly, I had no idea that there were so few 90's guys left in the league. It seems like we were just wrapping up players with 80's ties (Moyer, Vizquel). I guess time just marches right along.