Friday, March 3, 2017

Repack Bang or Bust? Part 2

let's get back to that repack I opened last week.

2012 Topps Opening Day

Only one of two packs from the 21st century and a bust. At least I pulled a serial numbered blue parallel.

1991 Bowman
In one sense, this pack was a bang. I 'needed' every card in the pack, but 1991 Bowman was a pretty boring set and I didn't buy much of it when new. I did pull a couple of players I collect.

The only sparkle of life in this set was the little gold foil icons on the subset cards like the crossed bats on this Eddie Murray card.

1992 Fleer
I have a lot of this set because I like it. I needed 8 of the 17 cards so I'm going to go with a bang.

I'm not usually a big fan of cards with extra wide borders but Fleer did a good job with this set. The front photos are carefully cropped to fit the format and there is a large photo and full career stats on the back. Quite an improvement on 1990 Fleer (see below). And I always liked the green color of the from border, especially the way it fades out toward the bottom.

They allowed a little bit frame busting in this set, where the player photo intrudes into the border. This is a feature I like when it is used sparingly. Again compare to 1990 Fleer.

2010 Topps Series 2

The other 21st Century set and another set I have a lot of.
12 cards, I needed 7. I'll rate this a bang.

This was a recent Topps design that I thought worked well in both the vertical and horizontal formats. And they managed to squeeze a photo (a small photo) on the back.

1992 Stadium Club Series 3
It says "Super Premium" right on the wrapper. With Series 3, Topps brought this set to a whopping 900 cards. I have about 2/3 of them and I'd like to have the whole set. I pulled 8 cards from the pack making this a bang.

Topps repeated the 1991 set gimmick of reproducing the player's rookie card on the back. Something I still like but not as effective as the first year because we'd seen it already. Like I said about 1991 Stadium Club, I'd like to see Topps repeat this with a new Stadium Club issue.

Hough was around for a long time. His rookie card was in 1972.

1990 Fleer
I'm gonna rate this a bust. I needed only seven of the cards and it's a set I don't really care for. Not as boring as 1991 Bowman but close.

Compare to 1992 Fleer above.

Frame busting was a feature used in this set on every card, posed photo or action shot.

1991 Upper Deck
In 1991, Upper Deck was still putting it's cards in foil wrappers to foil, so to speak, pack searchers.  This is another set I'd like to complete and it is frequently found in repacks. I needed 10 of the 15 cards so a bang for sure.

Ventura is wearing this throw-back uniform on his 1991 Topps card as well as another card in the Upper Deck set. In that other card he's with Carlton Fisk on the building site of the new Cominski ball park. I think this photo is there also.

I also pulled a Donnie Baseball card I didn't have.

Overall, I'm going to give this repack a weak bang. Of the 212 cards I needed close to half (104). Normally I'd be pretty happy with that ratio but the box was weak on Phillies cards, only 3 in the whole box, of which I had 2 already. And there were only 3 cards to add to my reference books and I already had one of them (a Phillie card which I replaced). 

On the other hand, it was fun to open all those old wax packs. Your mileage may vary.

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Hackenbush said...

That 90 Fleer set is really boring. Good thing you finished with the UD. Interesting that the two White Sox in the SC are guys you don't really associate with Chicago.