Monday, March 6, 2017

2017 Topps Heritage - First Look

2017 Topps Heritage reproduces the 1968 Topps design.

The summer of 1968. I was 16, just finished my junior year of high school. It was my last 'free' summer. The last summer I didn't have a job. The last summer I didn't have a steady girlfriend. I don't remember exactly what I was doing but I wasn't collecting baseball cards. Too bad since, as an adult collector, I like 1968 Topps.

Just for variety, I bought a regular pack (what in 1968 would have been called a wax pack), a 20-card value pack, a rack box and a blaster. 132 cards in all. Let's see what came out of the 'wax' pack.

I'm writing this after I opened all the packs. It looks like most of the White Sox cards photos were taken in this same spot. So my question, did the ball players get up at dawn or were the pictures taken at sunset?

I always wonder how certain poses on baseball cards come about. Does the photographer just let the ball player do what he wants? Does the photographer have a list of poses? Does the photographer make suggestions? Perhaps "Mike, strike a pensive pose, like you're considering how difficult it might be to come back from shoulder surgery".

Some of the trivia questions on the backs seem pretty esoteric to me.  

"John, please give a wide-eyed stare over the camera, like you're watching a UFO land".

This pose comes right off the list of cliche baseball card poses.

These card photos are lacking in motion. Pedro looks like he was late for the photo session and the photographer snapped a pic as he was arriving.

The only insert in the pack was this 1968 Game Rookie. I had to look this card up on-line to figure out who he is. With a signature like that he should have considered medical school.

That's 9 cards, but the pack actually had 10 cards.

This is the second of these stamped buy-backs I've pulled. The other was from Topps Series One. I already had the originals of both cards.  This appears to be a bronze foil stamp, which I understand are the most common.


Tony Burbs said...

"John, please give a wide-eyed stare over the camera, like you're watching a UFO land".

At least he isn't staring down the camera man? I too have always wondered what the direction is for these poses... how very interesting it would be to be around for one of these sessions.

Hackenbush said...

You're hot today! If anyone on the Cubs might be involved with UFO's it would be Lackey.