Wednesday, March 8, 2017

1994 - Roberto and Sandy Alomar

It doesn't happen often but I love it when I find a pair of cards like this.

1994 Fleer #337

1994 Topps #675

These two cards have to be of the same play don't they? The only real clue is from the stands in the background but I think the angles are sufficiently different that it's hard to tell.

I have 197 Roberto Alomar cards and another 113 Sandy Alomar cards and these are the only two I have featuring an action shot of the brothers on the same card.


Tony Burbs said...

Looks like a "double play" of unique gems to me. Personally, I can't think of another similar instance, represented on cardboard, of baseball brethren.

Wilson said...

I love using baseball reference to try to track down stuff like this.

Let's assume this was from 1993, which is normally what we'd see in 1994 cards.

Second, let's assume this was in Cleveland, based who's wearing white and gray uniforms.

TOR @ CLE happened 7 times in 1993.

Sandy was only thrown out at 2B in one game, 4/17, but he was thrown out SS-2B in the 5th and 7th. 5th inning was part of a double play, but in the 7th there was one out, so it could have been an attempted double play too. The only other time he reached 2B while hosting Toronto was on a botched popup with two outs, so he likely wouldn't have been sliding like this.

I didn't really answer your question (and I won't be able to), since there are two candidate plays, and worse still, they are during the same game, so we can't use any details like undershirt sleeve length to differentiate things. The game was 3-0 from the first inning until the play in the 7th, so it's actually plausible the shot with the fuller crowd is from the 5th, while the emptier looking crowd is from the 7th inning, when people might have left early.

capewood said...

Hey, Wilson, nice detective work. I've used myself a few times to determine a specific game for a card photo. It is fun.