Tuesday, March 7, 2017

2017 Topps Heritage - The Inserts

Yesterday I posted the cards I got from the single pack I'd bought. Altogether, I ended up with 132 cards. Of those, 124 were base cards. Quite unusual in my opinion. Many of the inserts are relics, autographs, coins or other esoterica, which I certainly don't expect in what I bought. I did expect at least one chrome parallel, but no. So here's what I pulled that I didn't show yesterday.

I pulled another of these 1968 Game Rookies. At least this guy is an Astro although I had to look it up to identify him.

The baseball flashbacks cards have been part of Topps Heritage forever. I pulled two of these.

I think the front border of these is very unattractive.

Another long time Topps Heritage insert is the News Flashback and I got 2 of those.

This was interesting to me as we have a niece who is very heavily involved in Special Olympics. She's a swimmer.

Someday I'm going to try and acquire a card for each US President, if that can be done. Between Topps Heritage, Allen and Ginter, various Panini releases and old Donruss Americana releases, I think I have a pretty good collection of presidents now.

Hey, another buy-back, this time with a gold stamp. Apparently, according to this, there are 5 flavors of foil stamps, bronze (most common), silver, gold, blue and red (most rare). Comparing this to the Joyner card I posted yesterday, I'm pretty sure this is a gold stamp. How excited I'm supposed to be about that is unclear to me. On the one hand, it's a 1989 Topps card of which I already have a better example. This stamped card is suffering for poor color registration, making it look muddied and out of focus. On the other hand, it's got a gold stamp. How rare is that supposed to be?

The other common inserts, like "Then and Now" and "New Age Performers" exist this year but I got none.  Boo.

I did pull a good selection of Phillies and Astros at least.


Base Card Hero said...

Not a bad haul. Sweet Jefferies buyback! I remember having multiple copies of that card as a kid.

Nice post!

Hackenbush said...

I can live with Killebrew and F.Robinson. The Killebrew is colorized?