Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Players I Collect - 2016

Continuing a series of posts of 2016 cards of Players I Collect that had cards in 2016. I'm excluding most Phillies and Astros since I collect all of them. The last player was Chipper Jones. Next up John Kruk.

John Kruk
 Admittedly, I mainly collect John Kruk because the major productive part of his career was with the Phillies, but I collect his Padres and White Sox cards as well. One of my baseball card collecting pet peeves is the frequent repeat use of photos. The last post-season Kruk card I have is 2013 Allen and Ginter, which has the same photo on it as this Archives card. I have 158 Kruk, almost all of the as a Phillie.

Barry Larkin
Barry Larkin post-season cards seem pretty rare to me. The only other one I have is from 2011. He retired in 2005. I have 182 Barry Larkin cards going back to his first season, 1986.

Tim Lincecum
Lincecum actually pitched for the Angels this year after signing a 1 year, $2.5 MM contract. He was only 2-4 with the Angels and spent much of the season in the minors. Maybe I should have waited for Topps Update to do this post since this is the only 2016 Lincecum card I have. Maybe Lincecum shouldn't have cut his hair. I have 79 total Lincecum cards.

Greg Maddux

The sign of a great pitcher is when he can keep his cool when the stadium is exploding around him. I have 278 Maddux cards dating back to the start of his career in 1986.

Willie Mays

You can usually count on a few Willie Mays cards each year. I pulled 5 of them in 2016. I really love the Stadium Club photo. I only have 37 Mays cards, all post-career. Someday I'm going to have to find a card from when he was playing.

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