Monday, October 3, 2016

Players I Collect 2016 - Part 5

Continuing a series of posts of 2016 cards of Players I Collect. The last player was Ricky Henderson. Next up, Ichiro. He was still an active player in 2016, although this is to be his last season. Since he is extremely popular in the hobby, I don't expect to have to wait too many years before post-career cards start. There will probably Ichiro cards next year. I have 218 Ichiro cards in my collection, including 12 from this year.

Perhaps my least favorite, and most pointless, set of the year.

Panini managed to produce one of my least favorite and one of my favorite sets of the year.

The Phillies were so bad last year that I missed this game.

I'm a little disappointed this set doesn't have 3,000 cards in it.

Baseball cards can be so informative. For example, I didn't know that Terry Forster wore the same uniform number as Ichiro.

12 cards is enough for one post. Next up is Bo Jackson.

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