Monday, October 10, 2016

Meet Matt Bush - 30-year-old rookie

Way back in 2004, Matt Bush was the #1 Draft Pick by the Padres, as a shortstop.

He appears to have been hot stuff in high school.

He finally made it to the majors this year, as a pitcher.

With a .219 batting average and 4 home runs in 4 minor league seasons, the Padres converted him to a pitcher in 2007. After 14 games (15 innings) he was injured and required Tommy John surgery.

He came back with the Rays in 2010. He was 5-3 with the Rays AA club in 2011.

Then he served 39 months in prison due to a drunk driving incident. He ran over a 72-year-old man during spring training.

The Rangers signed him in December, 2015, apparently right out of prison. He ended up with a 7-2 record, with one save and an ERA of 2.48 for the Rangers in 2016, all as a reliever. Good deal for the Rangers.

I wish him luck.

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