Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Players I collect - 2016

Continuing a series of posts of 2016 cards of Players I Collect that had cards in 2016. I'm excluding Phillies and Astros since I collect all of them. The last player was Ichiro. Next up Bo Jackson.

2016 Topps Bunt was good for a lot of former players. I have 98 Bo Jackson cards in my collection. A career cut way too short.

Yet another Topps Bunt card. Jackson started his career in 1967. I have 78 Reggie Jackson cards but the earliest cards I have for him are in the 1980s. Not surprising as I didn't start collecting until 1985.

7 years after he retired in 2009, The Big Unit still seems popular with the hobby. I have 293 cards of him, bolstered by the half season he played for the Astros in 1998. He was 10-1 with an ERA of 1.98 in 11 starts, helping the Astros into the playoffs.

I only managed to pull one Chipper Jones card this year. A sure Hall of Famer, I have 313 of his cards. The first time I ever heard of Chipper Jones was in 1990, when a guy in my fantasy baseball league drafted him for cheap. He held on to Jones for years.

That's enough for today. Next up, Bary Larkin (yep, another Topps Bunt card)

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