Monday, February 22, 2016

Card Show Finds 3 - 65 cent cards

Another dealer had $1 cards with 15 cards for $10. That works out to about 65 cents/card.

1991 Conlon TSN #250 Ty Cobb

Since I just finished reading Cobb's bio I bought this card. Turns out I had a colorized version of this card that Conlon printed as a test in 1992. It has SAMPLE printed on the back.

1992 Upper Deck Comic Ball 3 #51 Ken Griffey Jr.
Along with various Warner Bros. cartoon characters, this set features just two actual players, Griffey and Jim Abbott. This is a gruesome card of Daffy Duck being used as a baseball bat.

1995 SP Top Prospects #64 Bob Abreu

Upper Deck issued this minor league set for most of the late 1990s. At this point Abreu is both a future Astro and Phillie. I always liked him as a player.

1995 Jimmy Dean All-Time Greats #4 Mike Schmidt

I should make a post of odd-ball Mike Schmidt cards. I've got a bunch of them. This 6-card set was probably available by mail redemption rather than included in a package of sausages since it doesn't smell like some meat product.

1997 Pinnacle Mint Coins Brass #15 Mark McGwire

 In my opinion, one of the weirder products from a time of weird products. The cards and the coins came separately, but the dealer had both together. I was never sure if the coin would really fit in the hole in the card but it does.

2001 Bowman Heritage #371 Jeff Bagwell

 A short-print Jeff Bagwell for $0.65 works for me.

2004 Flair Hot Numbers #21 Jeff Bagwell

Another Baggy, this one serial numbered to 500. I was surprised to see that no one had entered any images for this insert in I previously had a jersey card version with Mike Piazza. Mike Schmidt is my favorite player overall, but Jeff Bagwell is a close second. This is my 506th Bagwell card.

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