Friday, May 1, 2015

Players in the Dugout

If you think about it, players spend a lot of time in the dugout. Even a regular player probably spends 40% of the game in the dugout. A bench warmer probably spends 90% of his time there. So it's not surprising that there are lots of cards featuring players in the dugout. For one thing, it's an easy place to find a player when he's not moving around too much. How do players spend all that time?

2011 Topps Update #220 Adam Dunn
They can wave at the fans.

1985 Fleer #254 Al Holland
They can brag about something. I'm not sure what Holland is bragging about. Maybe it's that he can hold 3 baseballs in one hand.

2014 Topps #625 Albert Pujols
They can glare at the photographer, and by extension, at us.

1994 Topps #700
They can hide in the shadows. Barry Bonds has nothing to hide, does he?

1993 Fun Pack #133 Ben McDonald
They can chart pitches.

1995 Topps #343 Craig Grebeck
They can work on their equipment.

1996 Score #153 Curt Schilling
They can worry.

1995 Score #209 Darryl Strawberry
They can sulk.

1984 Fleer #242 Dave Smith
They can let their hair down.

1992 Upper Deck #534 Eric Karros
They can have a good time.

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