Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Baseball Card Evolution - 1996 (Gregg Jefferies)

I didn't buy much Bowman in 1996, even though it retrospect, it's one of my favorite Bowman sets of the decade. I only had 2 players where I had a card for each set, both Phillies. Since I'm kind of tired of Lenny Dykstra, here's Gregg Jefferies.

Bowman - Stage 6
Donruss - Stage 6
Being at Stage 6 doesn't mean that your card is attractive. The placement of that foil box makes it look like Jefferies has run full tilt into an obstacle.

Fleer - Stage ?
1996 Fleer is hard to fit into my classification. It's got all hallmarks of a Stage 6 card, white card stock, full bleed printing and foil, but it's not got a glossy finish.  It's a classy looking card however.

Score - Stage 4
There's nothing terribly wrong with this design except it's a bit complicated and a bit boring at the same time.

Topps - Stage 5
I always thought that the little insert was a bit weird.

Upper Deck - Stage 6
A little too much gold foil perhaps, but a nice design.

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