Monday, May 11, 2015

2015 Bowman - 1st Card from the Box

Since I generally like Bowman, especially the last few years, I bought two blasters and a value pack (to get the yellow parallel cards). Here's the first card out of the first pack I opened.

2015 Bowman #108 Aramis Ramirez
Some changes this year compared to the past 3 years. The design has less of the organic flowing-curves. The player name has been moved to a horizontal panel in silver foil on background team color. The team logo is moved from the front center to the left edge, in silver foil. But the big change is in the borders. For most of the way around the card, the photograph extends beyond the inner border right to the edge of the card. The first full-bleed print card from Bowman since 1994. I think I like it.

The back is virtually unchanged from the past 3 years. Just some border changes.

More to come.

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Tony L. said...

It's not a bad looking set. I just wonder how Series 2 of Bowman is going to turn out -- will Topps run more major leaguers out, or just double down with more of the same teams?