Friday, April 17, 2015

Card Evolution 1990

It occurred to me while I was doing my series on card brand evolution in the 1990s, that I could have approached it in a different way by showing in each post, a card from each year from the 5 brands. So if you can stand to see some more 1990s cards, I'm going to do that. I'll try to pick a card of the same player from each brand if I can. Let's see how 1990 cards fall on the evolutionary scale.

Bowman - Stage 1

Donruss - Stage 2

Fleer - Stage 2

Score - Stage 3

Topps - Stage 1

Upper Deck - Stage 3


Julie Owens said...

the only thing making these cards attractive is the player depicted, Darren Daulton! 1990 UD - simple, clean design with stats and photo on back - winner of the group!

capewood said...

Hey Julie Owens, I guess your a fan of Dutch.