Monday, April 27, 2015

1993 Select/Upper Deck photo sharing

Last week I featured a 1994 Bowman Ryan Klesko card which had a photo from the same play on the front and back of the card.

Here's a 1993 Select Chuck Knoblauch card.

The front of the card shows who I believe is Lee Stevens of the Angels, sliding into second base. Knoblauch appears to have already made a tag, so this is probably a steal attempt. Stevens only made 5 steal attempts in 1992 (when he was with the Angels) and was successful only once. It looks like a steal attempt but is probably a force out.

The back of the card shows Mike Bordick of the Angels in what is probably a force out after a feet first slide into second. It also looks like a potential dislocated shoulder.

This card is clearly not another example of what I was showing on the 1994 Klesko card. This is even something better. Here's Knowblauch's 1993 Upper Deck card.

The front has the same play as the back of the Select card. The photos must have been taken within mere seconds of each other so two photographers had to be involved since the angles are different. The back is the same play as the front of the Select card, probably taken by the same photographer as the Select card. Does this photo make it look more likely that it was a steal attempt to you? It does to me.

Although I can't think of any examples off the top of my head, I'm pretty sure I've seen cards like this involving one play on two cards, but I think those were cards from the same manufacturer. I think it's amazing that Pinnacle (the publisher of Select) and Upper Deck would pick photos from the same 2 plays for their Knoblauch cards.

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