Wednesday, April 22, 2015

1994 Bowman - Ryan Klesko

A quick break from all the evolution posts.

I always like when the photo on the back of the card is a continuation of the play on the front. Take this Ryan Klesko card for example.

That's Darrin Fletcher of the Expos getting the worst of a collision with Ryan Klesko. Klesko's batting helmet is flying. Someday I'm going to do a post just featuring flying hats and helmets.

In this case, the front photo is actually a continuation of the play from the back.

Klesko gets it in the kisser which is what knocked his helmet off. You can clearly see that Fletcher has the ball in his right hand. I wonder if he managed to get the tag. I'd guess not since he's falling away from Klesko on the front photo. We can't see where the plate is, so it's tough to call from just these two photos.

Of course, today, I think this situation would be against the rules. Maybe that's another post, great plate collisions. We won't be seeing any more cards featuring such a thing.

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