Friday, February 6, 2015

2015 Topps - Second pack

The second of three packs I bought a few days ago. The good news, no dups!

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday is that the cards are cheaper than they've been since 2009. The past few years I've been paying about 20 cents/card for retail. In 2010 and 2011, Topps was going at 26 cents/card, which was quite a price hike from 2009 (the last year Topps had any serious competition) when the price was 17 cents/card. The cards I bought so far this year have been about 16 cents/card.

The first base running card. Good photo in a horizontal card.

The first League Leaders card. Kluber, Scherzer and Weaver all won 18 games last year.

The first parallel card I pulled. Topps Gold features gold foil this year, on the upper part of the border, the players name, the Topps logo and those mystifying little circles. It's also the first World Series subset card I pulled.

This is from the 30-card insert "Baseball History". The cards come in pairs. The 12A card is the Space Shuttle Columbia. The connection may be that the shuttle was first launched in 1981. The connection between the other cards in the set isn't as clear.

 This is a 15-card insert set featuring people other than a President throwing out a ceremonial first pitch. I hope I'm as spry as Ms McKee when I'm 105.

The man with perhaps the longest last name in the history of baseball. Topps had to reduce the font size on the front and back to fit his name on the card.

The "Future Stars" subset is back. Silver foil is used for the lettering.

I also got this in the pack which caused the alarm to go off as I was leaving the store. I was immediately surrounded by the crack Target security staff and hustled off to a small room...

Actually, nothing happened, which is usually happens when the alarm goes off. And as usual, I completely ignored it and walked calmly to my car.

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