Monday, February 16, 2015

2005 UD Mini Jersey Collection

I was looking at some of my reference cards and came across cards from this set which I've never posted before.

I bought one pack of this product for $7.00. The pack had 3 cards and a surprise.  First the cards.

2005 UD Mini Jersey Collection Greg Maddux #16
After 11 years with the Braves, Maddux went back to the Cubs, the team he started his career with, in 2004. The card front is attractive with a full bleed photo although there's a bit too much ornamentation on the bottom of the card. Not too much foil, just the Upper Deck logo and a small team logo seal above the player's name.   The back has 5 years of player stats and a little career information. The set has 100 cards and the first 70 are of this style.

2005 UD Mini Jersey Collection Jason Schmidt #84
This is the "Jersey Evolution" subset, cards 71-75. has a scan of most of the cards from the set. Looking at a few of them I'd say these a photos mostly taken at games featuring old-time uniforms.  For the longest time I had now idea which player was on this card. I finally figured out it was Jason Schmidt.

2005 UD Mini Jersey Collection Stan Musial #98
This another subset "Midsummer Classic Moments". These are the last 15 cards of the set. I did pretty good with this pack, getting one each of the three types of cards in it. The whole pack ended up in my Reference Binder.

2005 UD Mini Jersey Collection Jersey Ken Griffey Jr.
It's a mini jersey! The jersey is about as tall as a regular baseball card. It has actual snaps on the front so you can use it to dress your Ken doll (although it might be a bit large). It's really nicely made. I have this displayed on a small frame along with other baseball stuff that doesn't easily fit into an album sleeve. There are 50 of these, with 6 of them being autographed and available through mail exchange. Most feature current players, 9 feature Legends.

The individual cards are pretty available on eBay for about 1-2 bucks. I only saw 3 of the mini-jerseys, Griffey (3 of them), Chipper Jones and Ichiro.  They're going for 8-10 bucks.

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comatoad said...

Hockey did this about the same timeframe. I still have a couple of the jersies, plus a Patrick Roy Canadiens jersey.