Thursday, February 5, 2015

2015 Topps - First pack

I stopped in Target yesterday for my first attempt to find 2015 Topps and pay dirt!

Target had rack boxes and loose packs. I also stopped in Walmart but no luck there.

The first thing I noted on the box is that it didn't say anything about exclusive Target cards. Maybe there will be something in the blaster boxes (assuming there will be blaster boxes).

So here's the first cards I got, in the order they came out of the pack.

I've been calling for non-white borders on Topps cards for years. This isn't quite what I expected. I'm not sure what the border is supposed to be. Marble? Dirt? Crumpled paper?  Whatever, I like it. I was also hoping for a photo on the back. Maybe next year.

At first I though that the pattern was different on each card but I think it's the same pattern on each.

I like the how the team logo is sort of like an epicenter of some seismic event. There are also three rows of tiny circles underneath the team name and some curvy lines in the bottom border.

In in the use of a secondary color, like on this card, and different shading in the pattern is what, at first glance, makes the pattern on each card look unique. It was around this card that I noticed something else. The only foil on the card is the Topps logo. I have not really liked Topps use of foil on the card fronts for years. Just the logo is fine.

The first subset card. This is sort of like a team leaders card which Topps hasn't had since 2011. Nice touch including the team record. I imagine this is some sort of composite photo.

Like the Hayward card above, Topps uses both team colors (here yellow and black) in the border. Although the yellow looks more orange to me. I also like nice large card numbers on the back. My aged eyes appreciate the easy readability.

First rookie card. The rookie logo remains the same. This is the first card I've seen of this guy so I have no idea who he is. His card stats don't tell me much. 0-4 last year in 13 games. Pretty good ERA at least.

First insert card. says this is a "Highlight of the Year" card. There are 30 of them.

With this card I noticed that the back of the card has the same border scheme as the front, with the colored border fading to a mottled gray, only at the bottom instead of the top. Those little circles are there as well, just under the stats on the left. What is that supposed to be?

With the A's card above and this one, we start to see some variations in the color scheme. This is also the first card I pulled of a play rather than a pitcher or a batter.

OK, I get it, he's a Dodger. Could this card be any more blue?

And, finally, Hunter Pence sticking out his tongue.

By the way, here's the wrapper.

Note what it says at the bottom "Packs with an insert may contain between 2 and 11 fewer cards". Are there really packs with just a single insert card in them?


Richard Nebe Jr. said...

I would imagine if the insert were thick enough, say one of the manu-pin cards, that would about do it...

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

or the Birth year/coin/stamp creations...