Friday, February 20, 2015

2009 Finest Autographed Letter Patch Angel Salome

Here's a card I picked up in 2013 which I'm surprised I didn't make a post about when I got it.

This is the kind of card I'd never be lucky enough to pull out of a pack. I paid $2 for it at a local card show.

As I understand the way this sort of thing works, there would be a card for each letter in the player's name. This card is numbered to 218. So I guess there are 218 cards for each of the letters. That would add up to 2,180 cards. This is a player I never heard of and I had a hard time finding him in because Topps spelled his name wrong. His last name is Salome, not Solome. You'd think, for a series of cards like this, they'd want to get the guy's name right.

Mr. Salome never had much of a career. He appeared in 3 games for the Brewers in September 2008 as a pinch hitter and went 0-3 with one strikeout.

My guess is that he spent more time signing all these cards than his whole major league career lasted. According to the back of the card, a Topps representative watched him sign every card.

He played in the minors until 2009, mainly as a catcher. He hit for a good average and had some home runs in his bat, but he spent most of his career at AA or lower.

Which is probably why I got the card for $2. A search on eBay found two Os for $11.97. I decided to pass.

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