Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Stadium Club Then and Now

Some of the retired players I pulled from my box of 2014 Stadium Club had significant parts of their careers overlap with the main run of Stadium Club (1991-2003). So I thought it would be fun to compare and contrast 2014 Stadium Club cards with the Stadium Club cards of the same players from the past. I'm going to do them in number order from the 2014 set.

Todd Helton 2014 Stadium Club vs 2000 Stadium Club Chrome

Of the retired players I pulled, Helton was the most recently retired, after the 2013 season.

I didn't buy much regular Stadium Club in 2000 because I bought a hobby box of Chrome. The 2000 Chrome set was outstanding.

Rickey Henderson 2014 Stadium Club vs 1994 Stadium Club

Robin Yount 2014 Stadium Club vs 1992 Stadium Club

  The 1992 card is the "Members Choice" subset

Mark McGwire 2014 Stadium Club vs 1996 Stadium Club Power Packed
I don't have any Stadium Club McGwire base cards from other years of Stadium Club scanned, so I'll go with the mad card which multi-coloree foil stamping on the front.

Jeff Bagwell 2014 Stadium Club vs 1991 Stadium Club

 Stadium Club premier set and Bagwell's best rookie card. In 1991, Topps put the player's rookie card on the back, even if it was 1991 Stadium Club.

Tony Gwynn 2014 Stadium Club vs 1995 Stadium Club
Tony always wielded a big bat.

Cal Ripken 2014 Stadium Club vs 2001 Stadium Club
Cal retired after the 2001 season.


The Junior Junkie said...

Love the new Stadium Club. The Smoltz is also pretty great.

Marcus said...

When I think of Stadium Club Tony Gwynn's, I think of his '92 card with the shades, or the posed look of the '94 set, but that huge bat one is a good one too. Great post!