Monday, November 3, 2014

2014 Stadium Club - Parallels and Inserts

In Friday's post I reported that I'd gotten 75 base cards and 15 inserts and parallels. My count was a bit off, I actually pulled 16 inserts and parallels. I pretty much got all the inserts and parallels I should have based on the odds given in The parallel insert cards have pretty long odds and I only pulled two of them. There are severel autograph insert cards but no relic cards.

The inserts are nice, although there are too many die-cut cards for my taste. If you're at all familiar with the run of Stadium Cards you'll recognize some of the inserts from earlier Stadium Club sets. There are no "First Day's Issue" cards of which there seemed to be too many in 2008 Stadium Club.

Stadium Club Golden Rainbow
The Golden Rainbow parallel is inserted one per mini-box, so I got my quota of 3. The scan does not do justice to the 'Golden Rainbow" quality of the foil stamping. These are actually pretty hard to tell apart from the regular cards except that the background of the player's name is black instead of silver.

Stadium Club Gold
These are inserted 1 in 3 mini-boxes (therefore 1 per box). I got my one. The gold foil stamping is easy to differentiate and the background for the name is also gold color.

Stadium Club Electric Foil
These are inserted 1 in 9 mini-boxes, so 1 in every three hobby boxes. This one of the longer-odd cards I pulled. Even in the scan it's easy to see the difference in the foil. It reminded me of the old "Electric Diamond" parallels of 1994-1995 Upper Deck.

That's it for the parallels I pulled. There is also an "Foilboard" parallel (numbered to 25) inserted 1 in 11 mini-boxes and a "Members Only" parallel, which are a 1of1, inserted one per 36 mini-boxes.

Stadium Club Beam Team
This 10-card insert is inserted 1:3 mini-boxes. The lines on the front are of holographic foil so the card is quite attractive in person.

Stadium Club Triumvirates Luminous
This is a 30-card set inserted 1:3 mini-boxes. These cards come in sets of three that interlock. The Mauer cards is the right-hand side card. It fits into the Miguel Cabrera card, which in turn fits into the Troy Tulowitzki card. There may be some rhyme or reason for the groupings but I don't feel like figuring it out. The finish on this card is very much like Topps Finest.

Stadium Club Triumvirates Luminescent
This is a parallel to the Luminous set, inserted 1:12 mini-boxes. The card finish is like Topps Finest Refractor. There is another parallel to this called Illuminator, inserted 1:36.

Stadium Club Legends Die Cut
This 10-card set, inserted 1:3, has a holographic foil board background. It scanned nicely. I'm always happy to get a Nolan Ryan card, especially in an Astros uni.

Stadium Club Future Stars Die Cut
Another 10-card, inserted 1:3, die-cut set.

Stadium Club Field Access
This is a 25-card set inserted 1 per mini-box. I got there. The other two are Hank Aaron and Stan Musial.  There is also an McGwire base card. Is Big Mac making a comeback?

Stadium Club Autographs

There was an on-card autograph card in each mini-box. The autograph cards are also available in the Golden Rainbow, Gold, Electric Foil as well, serial numbered to 50, 25 and 1 respectively. I didn't get any of those. Here's what I did get.

By the way, this is the second on-card auto I got this year fir Johnson. Earlier I pulled a Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs Refractor card. I sure hope this guy becomes a big star. Hard to tell from his major league record so far.

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