Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Reference Cards #7 - 2000 Crown Royale

2000 saw the third and last issue of Crown Royale. This 144-card set was produced by Pacific Trading Cards. Like just about every other card producer at the time, Pacific kept busy churning out an ever changing line-up of sets. But this was pretty much their last gasp. There would only be 2 baseball sets in 2001, and then Pacific will disappear from the baseball card market.

All three years of Crown Royale were pretty much the same. The card was elaborately die-cut into the shape of a crown and pretty much covered in gold foil. There were no sub-set cards with the exception of rookie cards.

2000 Crown Royale #22 Nomar Garciaparra
I have very few of these cards. This one I got in a Fairfield repack in 2009 for about $0.07/card.

2000 Crown Royale #58 Brad Penny
As you can see, the Rookie cards have silver foil stamping. The 25 rookie cards are short-printed but not serial numbered. This card also came out of a Fairfield repack for about $0.06/card in 2007.

There are 4 parallel sets: Limited (serial numbered to 144); Platinum Blue (serial numbered to 35); Premiere Date (serial numbered to 121) and Red. The Red cards are the retail version of the gold-foiled hobby set.

2000 Crown Royale Red #93 Roger Clemens
The crown is just red, not foil stamped. This card I paid $1.16 for on eBay in 2005.

2000 Crown Royale Card-Supials

This may be the oddest idea for an insert set ever.

What's so odd about this you ask? On the front, the portion of the card that says "Card-Supial" is actually a little pouch. You know, like how kangaroos (classified as marsupials) have pouches. In the pouch was this postage-sized card.

How Pacific came up with this paring is beyond me. I also have the Scott Rolen card from this set. The mini card is Ruben Mateo. Why? Why? Why? This card and it's little buddy came in a repack in 2009.

2000 Crown Royale Feature Attractions #21 Alex Rodriguez
This 25-card set was inserted into every hobby pack and every other retail pack. Individual cards would not have been hard to come by. I was deliberately search for this insert set on eBay and came up with this card in July 2005 for $3.99. The card is graded at 9.0 and is slabbed.

There are several other inserts including a bunch of cards labeled "Cramer's Choice". The Cramer's Choice cards are oversized box toppers. I have some from an earlier year of Crown Royale but not any for 2000.

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