Friday, November 7, 2014

2006 Baseball Sluggers Postcards

So my daughter and I were at The British Festival in Sugarland Texas recently. It was pretty interesting. There were a lot of British crafts and British packaged foods available and some entertainment (if 7 guys on bagpipes can be considered entertainment). One guy had stamps for sale. Curiously, most of them were American stamps. On his table, I found this set of four baseball player US postcards issued in 2006. At that time, the USPS had issued the Baseball Slugger stamp set. The postcards were issued the same year. The stamps and cards featured Micley Mantle, Mel Ott, Hang Greenberg and Roy Campanella. The stamps had a face value of 39 cents, the postcards were 24 cents. He was asking 50 cents a piece for the cards which didn't seem outrageous, so I bought them.

Mickey Mantle

 I had a hard time finding these on eBay. There were two listings. From them it looks like the cards were sold in a packet containing 5 copies of each card for $9.95. That works out to about 50 cents/card. This guy was selling such a pack for $15.99. There were a lot of the stamps for sale. Loss stamps, sheets of stamps and first day covers were being offered all at what looked like reasonable prices.

Hank Greenburg
To me, the cards have the look of 1951 Bowman. Note that the stamp on the obverse side has a black bar with the player name in white, just like 1951 Bowman.

Roy Campanella
 I really like these.

Mel Ott
I'm also a halfhearted postcard collection so these add a nice cross-over feel to my postcard collection.

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