Thursday, October 3, 2013

Relics, Relics, Relics - Part 1

There is a small (10-12 dealers) in my area every quarter. I was there last weekend. Right inside the door was a guy selling relic cards from 2-5 dollars. I generally a sucker for these cards. I'm trying to collect as many different kinds of cards as possible and relic cards are a challenge since you don't usually see them in blaster boxes or packs from the big box stores (my only reliable source for cards).  I almost shot my entire budget for the show at this guy's table. I got 11 cards. Here's the first 6, I'll post the other 5 tomorrow.

2001 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres Heroes of Baseball Game Jersey Trios
I don't keep a readily transportable list of all the cards I own, but I have a pretty good memory. It failed me in this case since I already had one of these. But a triple-relic card for 3 bucks...

2002 Upper Deck People's Choice Game Jersey
I used to have the Andy Pettitte card from this set but traded it for something. Of course, bits of cloth with a stripe on them are more interesting than plain white ones. As I looked at this I was wondering which part of Martinez' Cardinals uniform was white with a black stripe. The answer was on the back, it was from a Yankees uni. I guess the card companies have a problem with uniforms they've collected when a player changes teams. I don't really like this solution. Also note this is from his pants. Upper Deck wants to "keep you as close as you can get!" Not sure I want to be that close to a guy's pants.

2003 Fleer Showcase Thunder Sticks Game Bat
I already had the non-relic version of this set (featuring Jim Thome). I always like to get both versions. I don't have any idea what the "TF0130" on the card is supposed to me. The same thing is on the Thome card.

2003 Playoff Piece of the Game Autographs
Another memory failure but it was only $2. And the one I have is a bat relic, so not exactly the same. I don't much care for sticker autos but I like the idea that the back of the card features a photo of the item where they got the piece.

2003 SPx Winning Materials 50
This is a complicated card and it was a little hard to place. In 2003, SPx had 4 versions of this card with a different number. In addition to this one they had SPx Winning Materials 175, 250 and 375. I would have thought that the cards would be serial numbered to the number in the name, but not so. There are two versions of each player card for each number. One card has the team logo, like this one, the other has the player number. The team logo is a little rubber piece glued to the card. Using the 175 as an example, the logo version is numbered to 155 while the number card is numbered to 20. The sharp eyed among you will note that the count of the two versions adds up to 175. Who thinks up this kind of stuff? Anyway, I'm not actually sure what I've got since my card is numbered to 50 and, according to, none of the cards are numbered to 50.

2005 Topps Pristine Personal Pieces Common Relics
Another card with a stripe! And another complicated set. In addition to the Common, they had Uncommon, Uncommon Un-circulated and Scarce. Each numbered to a different count. The other versions at least have different background colors.

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