Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2013 Panini Golden Age Box Break - Part 2

Yesterday, I featured the base cards from the set. Today, it's the insert cards. I got at least one of each insert card that wasn't numbered 1 of 1. I'm not going to show you the mini cards. If you've seen Allen and Ginter or Goodwin Champions mini cards you already know what they look like. There are 5 types, featuring cigarette or candy ads on the back.

Panini Golden Age Bread For Energy
What, you may ask, is this supposed to be? Apparently, in the 1950's bread companies began putting celebrities, ball players, cartoon characters, etc. on bread labels. These were adhesive labels that closed off the ends of a paper wrapped loaf of bread.  With a little poking around on the internet I came up with this.
An actual bread label featuring Warren Spahn. This sold on a auction site for $232.  I'd never heard of these before. A little more reading suggested that they are pretty hard to find.

2013 Panini Golden Age Delong Gum
More research. This design comes from a 1933 set issued by DeLong Gum Company. According to my "2008 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards", this was one of the first sets to be issued with gum. Here is some speculation on my part. Notice on the back it says "Play Ball Gum". In the early 1940's, Gum, Inc. from Philadelphia produced a set called "Play Ball". Gum later became Bowman which was later acquired by Topps. In 2007, Topps issued an insert set called "Flashback Fridays" with this same design.

Panini Golden Age Exhibits
This postcard sized card came as a box-topper. Good luck collecting all 40 of these. This is based on a line of cards sold by the Exhibit Supply Company of Chicago between 1921 and 1966. The cards weren't numbered and looking at them in the catalog it seems like it would be damn hard to figure out what you have. I actually have one of these featuring Gil Hodges which the seller said was from 1950.

This card illustrates another theme from the base set, people associated with the 1919 "Black Sox" scandal. Weaver played 3rd base for the White Sox in that series.

Panini Golden Age Headlines
My least favorite of the inserts.

Panini Golden Age Historic Signatures
An on-card signature, at least. The Bad News Bears theme carried over from the base set. Blunt was in most, it not all, of the movies and not much else. Nothing against Mr. Blunt, but there are 50 cards in this set and I'm guessing any other one would have been more interesting to me.

Panini Golden Age Museum Age Memorabilia
OK, memorabilia from Grace Kelly. The back of the card has a brief bio of Kelly and the simple statement "The enclosed material is guaranteed by Panini America, Inc." I'd have liked a little explanation as to how this little piece of fabric was related to Ms. Kelly.

Panini Golden Age Playing Cards
I had pulled one of these in the single pack I bought. I got 8 more in the box. Still not enough to play a game of poker.  Here's one which continues another theme from the base set.

Panini Golden Age Three Stooges
 A 9-card set celebrating The Three Stooges. Why not?

Panini Golden Age Tip Top Bread Labels
Another bread label brand. Notice the lower left corner. The NFL logo peaks out of the die cut area. I have another of the Bread for Energy cards featuring Miami Dolphin Jim Kiick which has the same thing.  Some mix-up in the design department?


night owl said...

This is easily the most impressive set that Panini has done. I haven't liked a lot of what they've put out, but if I wasn't collecting so many things already, I'd buy a box of this.

Play at the Plate said...

I agree with Night Owl although I do like what I've seen of the Hometown Heroes set. That Kennedy is great.

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