Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2013 Topps Update

I decided to just restrict myself this year to retail purchase. I bought a blaster from Target (to get the Target Red cards), a Mega Box at Target (because there were two packs of Topps Update Chrome in the box) and 2 rack packs at WalMart (to get the WalMart Blue cards). I got a good selection of cards and inserts, in fact all the inserts except the low serial numbered ones and relics. Apparently, Topps Update Chrome is only available in the Mega Boxes so I'm glad I bought some.

I was surprised by the price differential among the 3 packages. The blaster cost $0.27/card, the rack packs were $0.15/card and the Mega Box was $0.37/card. 

You know and love (at least I do) the design so I'll only show a couple and then get into the inserts.

As usual, there are All-Star game cards, there is also a also Home-Run Derby subset.

After a couple of disappointing years, Drew had a decent year with the Red Sox and went to the World Series.

When I first saw this card I thought they had a black and white parallel set.

In Series 1 and 2 Topps had 1972 Mini cards. In Update they have 1971 Mini cards. Who knows why.

There are 10 cards in the Franchise Forerunners insert set. I pulled 4 of them.

I pulled 3 from this 20-card set.

The blaster box had this nice manufactured patch card as an extra.

Here's a Home Run Derby subset card from the Chrome Update
Note that the card number has an MB- prefix.  The only insert I got in the two packs was this:


Matthew Huha said...

For the Franchise Forerunners, did you happen to get the Pirates one? If so, did the text on the back match the pictures on the front? I had gotten that card in one of the packs and mine didn't match, but I never saw anything about an error with it.

capewood said...

Hey Matthew, I did get the Pirates card and yes, it does look like an error card. The card names (and pictures) Cole and McCutchen but the text on the back refers to Martinez and Webster of Boston.