Monday, October 14, 2013

2013 Panini Golden Age - Box Break Part 1

I shared a single pack of this earlier. I decided I liked it enough to buy a box. This set is a lot like Upper Deck Goodwin Champions (and Allen and Ginter for that matter) in that it doesn't just feature baseball players. In a set like this I usually don't pick just one card to put in the reference book but a selection of cards from the set that reflect the variety. If there are clear subsets, I'll go with them.  Here are the base cards I picked for my reference book.  I did pertty well with the box, getting at least one of each insert set, except for the three that are 1 of 1's.

Of the 103 base cards, 36 featured baseball players.  As in other sets, Panini has chosen to use the Photoshop option and remove logos.

 11 cards featured either football players of coaches.

I don't know what kind of license Panini has with the NFL, but the football players all had scrubbed uniforms and no team name mentions. They did, however, sport the NFL logo on the back.

7 cards featured horse racing, either jockeys or horses.

 18 cards featured actors, actresses or entertainers. There were a few child actors, especially kids from the "Our Gang" series and the "Bad News Bears" movies. But I'm going with:

The "Bad News Bears" is an actual subset.

I'd pulled one of these in the single pack as well.

There were also enough American Presidents to include in the reference book.

I have more than half of the US presidents on some kind of card now.

And finally, boxers:
There are two full-sized parallel sets, Black (1 of 1) and White. I pulled one of the White;

The rest of the cards are a hodgepodge of golfers, artists, famous objects (the Edmund Fitzgerald, Apollo 11), gamblers, wild west lawmen, etc.

And it would be this kind of set without mini tobacco cards.  There was one in each pack.

I'll feature the insert sets later. Some of the themes I've shown here, carry into the inserts.

Oh, and I got the Mike Schmidt card.

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