Friday, August 16, 2013

Allen & Ginter Through The Ages

By through the ages, I mean the past 8 years of Topps Allen & Ginter. After cataloging two blasters of the 2013 product I was wondering if I had a card for the same player for each year of A&G. Turns out I do, but for only one player. And that player is Ryan Howard. No surprise it would be a Phillie. So here's 8 years of Ryan Howard. I'm not going to bother with the backs since they haven't changed.

The simplest and, in my opinion, the best A&G design.

Not much change beyond putting the year on the front.

Mainly topography changes. The card stock is a bit whiter.

Big changes for this year. The card has a border and the color wash background takes up more space. Different topography and the card front has only the player's last name, which will be the norm from here on. This year also saw the introduction of horizontal action cards.

Another big change. A white border around a pale green background with the color wash on the background.

Probably my least favorite design. There's way too much going on here with the gold border, the colored background for the text and the ornate team logo. Having a team logo at all is a big change.

A bit simpler than 2011, and the team logo was dropped. Overly ornate borders are also the hallmark of Topps Gypsy Queen.

The border is less ornate and I think the light blue border color is less distracting. The best design of the past three years. Too bad this is an action card since it's not directly comparable to the past years.

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night owl said...

2008 will always be my favorite. Simple and bright.