Monday, August 12, 2013

2013 Topps Allen & Ginter - First Look

I guess A&G has been out for a few days. I finally got over to the local Target last Friday and bought two blasters. $0.45/card is about what blasters have been going for the past few years.  I got a nice selection of cards, with no duplicates. I pulled at least one of every non-relic and non-auto insert. One relic or one auto would have made me very happy. So let's look at one.

First off, I like the design. It's less ornate than the past few years of A&G, which is good. Also, the cards are a little less yellow than past years. Another good thing. The colors seem to pop out of the cards this year.  The backs look pretty much the same as always.  Some good poses this year as well.
Horizontal action cards are back again.
There is the usual collection of non-baseball cards. I probably have too small a sample to tell, but I think there are fewer non-baseball cards this year.
Abe Vigoda? 
I never heard of this guy. I guess I'm not watching enough ESPN.
It wouldn't be Allen & Ginter without some pretty girls.
What to make of this? That's right, it says "Missing Text" on the back. It sure is.

I'll have another post with the insert cards later.


Chris Reed said...

Rumor has it that card (missing text Pele) has something to do with the Ginter Code this year.

Hackenbush said...

Matthew Berry is a fantasy sports guy and thus I love the that card. He has a new book out too. The cover show him holding the same sign.